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Giving Up Chrome as My Default Browser


My Netbook Experience



Painful Experience with MozyPro

I finally decided to dive in with an online backup of my files. I have two systems that need backups so I decided to use MozyPro as their prices are good and if Hanselman uses them, they can't be that bad.  My big pain point with online backup is my behemouth .pst files. I have two of working .pst and an archive .pst.  Totaling about 2 GB total, I need a solution that can back up these files without re-uploading the entire file everytime. Mozy promises this...after the first backup.

So I installed it locally and setup the directories and files I wanted backed-up. All seemed good until I started getting a "the C-Drive is out of space" errors.  It seems that Mozy compesses everything locally and will do so without regard to remaining drive space. I had to stop the backup and reboot my machine as Vista was down to 5 Meg free. I didn't like how it was going about the backup, but I figured i'd live with it. So I opened the configuration to find out where to tell it to create temporary files...nothing...I wrote support and eventually found a listing where it showed me how to change the registry to make this happen.  Huh?  Shouldn't that be a setting in their long-winded configuration?  Ok, not very professional but I'll do it.  Restarted the services and went about backing up again...

Translucent Microsoft


I waffle back and forth between whether Mary Jo is helping the IT world with her insights or is just IT's version of the gossip column. I honestly don't know which. But in a blog entry today she said something that was spot on. The quote is:

Way OT: You can fix Depth Perception with Contacts?


In case you never noticed I am a huge Atlanta Braves fan. I was reading this Braves fan site recently after the Braves player's record tying ten straight hits (tied a National League record), I wanted to find out more about this Matt Diaz. When I noticed that during spring training, the Braves checked Matt Diaz eyes and found out he had almost no depth perception. A major league hitter without depth 

If anyone is wondering what to get me for my birthday...


While I can't recommending buying it through eBay because of my recent problems with them, this is somewhat irresistable. A real Enigma machine...

Scott Hanselman is right...FoxIt Installed...PDF Reader Uninstalled


FoxIt is a FREE alternative to Adobe's Acrobat Reader (yeah, I know its free too).  And I have to well as not annoying and trying to install bunch of other junk:

Finally, A Keyboard for My Shrek-Sized Fingers

My Keyboard

Happy Thanksgiving (or Happy Thursday if you are outside the US)...

My first two weeks without Flash

Two weeks ago I used  IE 6's new "Manage Addins..." to disable the Flash plugin.  I was worried about some of the content I'd miss.  After two weeks, my experience has been that I have not missed much.  Here is a short list of what I've noticed without Flash:

Overall I am happy.  The good certainly outweighs the bad IMHO . What's your experience?

New VMWare Beta (5.5) support VPC Files Natively


I was looking for an update to convert my VPC image to a VMWare image (I think it handles networking better) when I saw a Beta of the 5.5 version that will use a VPC image without having to convert.  It also support conversion like 5.x does, but being able to launch VPC images directly will save me a lot of time.  For those users, it will also open Norton Ghost files natively too.

Why no PDC Info Blogging?

As many of you might not know, I am not at the PDC, but am interestingly watching to see what comes out from it.  Usually at the event times, everyone blogs too much about what they like and don't like.  Everyone wants to be the first out the door with some news from a keynote.  So I am layng low and letting all that happen without me.  On the plus side, I can now talk about some things that I've had the opportunity to play with for some time (now that they are public knowledge and I am not hurting any NDA's):

Apple is Learning Lessons from Real

I installed the new version of iTunes recently and its amazing how many running services and background tasks Apple is installing:

Please make it stop.  Guess I could just uninstall iTunes...I only use it to buy music, never to listen to it (I think its a crap player).  If only MSN would get a library their size. I haven't tried with Vista yet, but I do hope that I get asked if an installer is installing anything into Run, RunOnce or into the SCM!  This is ridiculous...I can only imagine how many tasks are running on my mother's system!

Virtual Earth vs. Google Maps?


As far as I am concerned, it is not much of a contest.  They are pretty similar in the US, but to call it Virtual Earth seems a little ambitious.   For example, here is Paris in Virtual Earth:

Virtual Earth is Up


Microsoft has just released Virtual Earth.  While it is a great competitor for Google Maps, it is still missing much of what Google Earth gives you (unless I am missing something).  It is impressive what they are doing as a browser app without a download. 

Too many IE Toolbars

Is this what passes for marketing these days?


Palm announced their new logo today and told the press what the new logo "means".  Here's the logo:

Take the MIT Weblog Survey


Google Earth is back up!


Interesting Article on what Apple-heads Say is Wrong with Longhorn


While I don't agree with much of what they say, especially that MS code is poorly written and buggy; I am convinced that MS has lost their way with what the story around Longhorn really is.  They announced so many interesting ideas in Longhorn that have been either dropped (WinFS, Monad) or moved it to pre-longhorn (Indigo, Avalon, Aero), that they have lost the momentum story. 

Apple Dropping PowerPC Chips...price war with WinTel PC's?


With Apple moving to Intel chips, is a price war with Dell, HP and Toshiba far away?  I'd love to get OS X in virtual machine to play around a bit. This might even make Mono more compelling.  This might change everything...or nothing...

Task Manager Extension


I am mostly blogging about this so I don't lose the link again, but this is a *great* app that hooks into the Task Manager to do a couple of things:

XBox Friends on MSN's IM?

I didn't notice this until today, but did you know that if you have MSN IM you can select the XBox tab and view your online XBox Live buddies?  Me either...

Site Outage

Jim Gray Discusses 2 vs 3 Tier Model, et al.


An Interview with Miguel de Icaza on


Sure, I am the editor for, but I really like this interview.  The emphasis is trying to explain to the Linux developer why Mono/CLR development is the way to go.  I am in!

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