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SQL Server Monitor Version 1.1


Its been an exciting day here at the Wildermuth compound. I noticed that the old setup for my SQL Server Monitor project was broken (mostly dependencies were wrong), so I figured I'd just open it up and tweak a couple of settings and move along with my day. D'oh!

RockScroll FTW


I usually prefer to avoid just link posts, but since I have gotten this question a lot lately in my class and at user group talks, I thought i'd share.  A couple of months ago Scott Hanselman convinced Microsoft to allow him to release something called RockScroll:

Microsoft Announces Source Code Analysis for C#


Interestingly, Microsoft has released a new tool that they've used for years internally to analyze code in their code base.  Its been informally called "StyleCop" and differs from FxCop in that it analyzes source code, not compiled binaries. 

WinInternals (and SysInternals) now owned by Microsoft


While I am happy for Mark Russinovich and his people, I hope this doesn't mean the end to free access to SysInternals. What do you think?

Depends for .NET?


Brendon Schwartz (of Atlanta .NET Regular Guys fame) asked me a question today about the old tried and true Depends tool that we used in the COM days.  He wondered if there were a .NET equivalent.  After soon fierce googling I found Depends.NET.  Its nothing fancy, but it works great if you need to find out what assemblies are missing...

Internet Ready?


I spent much of the day without Internet access today.  My cable provider went into the tank for most of the day. I got sick of testing it over and over so I wrote this little application to continually try and ping an internet address and when it succeeds it pops up a dialog (on top of other windows) to let me know!  It's nothing special, but if you think you might need it (don't want until your internet is down), grab it here:

MSI Cleanup Utility from MS


Thanks to Shawn Van Ness, he pointed me at this great utility that is helping me clean up some bad MSI's that are not letting me get WinFX installed correctly.  Check it out.

Scott Hanselman is right...FoxIt Installed...PDF Reader Uninstalled


FoxIt is a FREE alternative to Adobe's Acrobat Reader (yeah, I know its free too).  And I have to well as not annoying and trying to install bunch of other junk:

SQL Server Monitor - Download Now!


I have so many SQL Server instances on my local machine others in my home office that I wanted one place to start and stop them all.  I liked the start-stop functionality in the SQL Server agent, but I have MSDE instances and SQL Server 2005 instances running too, so a single place to do it all from an icon tray was my goal.  So here I've created a simple .NET 2.0 application.  I would have done it with 1.1 to make it more accessible for users, but there were some features I needed in 2.0 to make the app work.  So if you have the .NET 2.0 Framework installed, check out this new app to control multiple instances of SQL Server a mouse-click away:

Cool Battery Monitor written in .NET


Here's a new little tool I found while looking for a decent battery monitor that stays on the top of all windows.  My behemouth laptop gets a paltry one hour of battery, so when I have to run on batteries, I need to keep pretty close tabs on the life.  This tool not only looks great, but is accurate and was written with .NET.  Take a look if you need a pretty battery monitor.

SourceControl Dispatcher!


PureText 2.0


I just got this nifty little utility that everyone needs ;)  It adds a hot key to paste text on your clipboard without all that HTML/WORD/Visual Studio formatting.  Just plain text.  It rocks if you have to paste code into PowerPoint or Word a lot (like I do).

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