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The Web Workshop: Client-Side Dev Training

I am excited to announce that I’ve refactored (and renamed) my web-centric training course. The old “ASP.NET MVC/HTML/CSS Workshop” was just too long. It’s now called “The Web Workshop”.

New Cities and New Courses

My company, AgiliTrain, has created its spring schedule and we are happy to announce that we’re going to be expanding with new courses and new cities. Let’s take the courses first.

I am Coming to Washington DC for 2 Classes

If you are in the Washington, DC area (or are close enough to fly), I am coming to teach two courses just after Thanksgiving.

My New Silverlight Services Course is Live

I am happy to announce my new online course on using Silverlight Server Communication is now available on Pluralsight. This course covers the basics of using services from with Silverlight projects. The course covers:

You can view the course online at Pluralsight’s website:

Want to Learn iOS or Android?

AgiliTrain has partnered with the excellent Wei-Meng Lee (author of several books on iPhone, iPad and Android development) to provide three new courses this winter. He’s coming to Atlanta to teach both iOS and Android development. The courses include:

In each course, Wei-Meng will walk you through the development process and help you test your applications on actual devices. Early bird and group discounts are available. Please see more about these courses on the AgiliTrain website!

Silverlight Tour Updated for SL5 RC!


Starting at the September 26th stop of the Silverlight Tour in Atlanta, AgiliTrain’s Silverlight courseware has been updated to include all the new features of Silverlight 5 RC. If you’re getting ready to fire up a new Silverlight project, this is the course you should be in.

Watch my PluralSight Silverlight 5 Course for Free (for 24 hours)


PluralSight Courses

Silverlight Tour Now Includes Silverlight 5!


PhoneyTools on CodePlex

AgiliTrain announces 1H 2011 Schedule and New Early Bird Pricing!


Today AgiliTrain is announcing their schedule for the 1st half 2011. We are visiting cities with both our Silverlight Tour Workshop and our new Silverlight for the Windows Phone Workshop. We are visiting cities around the US including Los Angeles, Chicago, Seattle, Atlanta and San Francisco.  You can view the full schedule (which also includes our partner's international stops) here:

Last Two Stops of the Silverlight Tour 2010!


The last two stops of the Silverlight Tour are headed to Atlanta and Portland (OR) in the next two months. The Silverlight Tour Workshop is a three-day course on Silverlight 4. It divides the content into three distinct areas: Design, Development and the Server-Side. Students should be able to develop Silverlight 4 applications once attending the workshop. The Workshop is structured with a mix of didactic lessons, demonstrations and hands-on labs. Each student will leave the workshop having created several small Silverlight applications. This variety of learning techniques will ensure that all students become proficient in the technology quickly and in an exciting way.

My Windows Phone 7 Workshop at DevConnections

DevConnections Conference

My Windows Phone 7 Workshop at DevConnections is coming up on November 1st ( in Las Vegas at Mandalay Bay Resort on the Las Vegas strip! If you are looking for a way to quickly get up to speed on building Silverlight applications using Silverlight for the Windows Phone, its time to sign up!

AgiliTrain is Giving Away Three Seats to Silverlight Courses



Fall/Winter Silverlight Tour Schedule


Silverlight TourWe have made some adjustments in the Fall/Winter schedule for the Silverlight Tour. As Fall is often our busiest time of year, we decided to move some dates around to not conflict with the PDC and other conferences. Here is the new Schedule for the Silverlight Tour and the Advanced Silverlight Workshop:

AgiliTrain and Rachel Appel Announce New Classes

Rachel Appel

We are very proud to announce that AgiliTrain and Rachel Appel are partnering to present a series of public classes on the next generation of web development. Rachel will be teaching two new courses for AgiliTrain on web development:

Announcing "Agile Database Techniques" Workshop



Advanced Silverlight Workshop - One Week Left!


Silverlight Logo

The Silverlight Tour Now Includes Silverlight 3!


Silverlight Logo

Reminder: Advanced Silverlight Workshop


Coming up on March 30-31st, we will be holding our first Advanced Silverlight Workshop in Atlanta. This new class expands on the Silverlight Tour Workshop. This new class requires that students have a working knowledge of Silverlight and teaches the next level of Silverlight design, development and architecture.

Building AgiliTrain: Part 3 - Data Validation

AgiliTrain Logo

In Part 1 and Part 2 of this series, I talked about why I used MVC to create my new venture and how I implemented MVC.  In this third part, I will talk about data entry and validation.

Building AgiliTrain: Part 2 - MVC in Action

In Part 1 of this series, I talked about why I used MVC to create my new venture.  In this second part, I will talk about how I implemented MVC.

When I decided to implement MVC, I was very new to it so there is some code in the site that reflects that.  The later code and the code I've gotten around to refactoring is much cleaner, but working code is working code.

Announcing AgiliTrain!


I am very happy to announce that we have finally migrated our training business to a new web venture called "AgiliTrain". 

Announcing the Silverlight Tour in French


We are pleased to announce that Wildermuth Consulting Services has partnered with RunAtServer Consulting of Montréal, Canada to translate our course into French. They will be giving the course in Montréal and Québec City:

Geek Dinner with G. Andrew Duthie


We had a geek dinner tonight in Washington, DC.  I can't thank G. Andrew Duthie enough for facilitating the whole night. We got to discuss Silverlight, .NET, Origami, iPhone, Zunes, and everything great in technology. It was a great time to see everyone.  Thanks again for a good time.

Geek Dinner in DC


G. Andrew Duthie has done me a big favor by organizing a Geek Dinner while I am in the DC area next week.  If you're in DC and want to gab about Silverlight, ADO.NET, Astoria, how cool your phone is or why the destruction of the Roman empire was the start of the modern era...come on by.  Please visit Andrew's Blog to RSVP.

Only a few seats left...for Beta 2


There is only a week left before my Washington, DC stop on the Silverlight Tour.  This event is special because its the first workshop based on the Silverlight 2 Beta 2 bits.  If you are on the cutting edge and want to get the latest experience with Silverlight 2, don't forget to register! There are only a few seats left for this tour stop.  See the site for details!

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