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Vue 3 and Validation with the Class-Validator

ValidationI've been working with Vue 3 Beta and RC (currently in RC5) and early on I needed some validation but the Vue stalwards of vuelidate and vee-validate weren't working with the Composition API early on. What was I do to?

After some searching I ran into class-validator library. It got me thinking about how to separate the validation from the UI like I usually do in the server.

I thought I'd run you though a little example. If you want to take a look at the project, I have an example on GitHub with tags for before and after:


Did Vue.js Just Blink?

Vue.js There is a lot of buzz around the internet about Vue.js 3.0's announcement about a new composition model. There are a lot of questions about it and I think much of it is 'they moved my cheese' more than 'they're breaking everything'.

So let's talk about it...

Evan You's announcement in London last week scared a bunch of people, including me.