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Sample Code for Custom ASP.NET Profile Provider


Until The ServerSide .NET can post the sample code, I am posting it here

Brad Wilson's Visual Studio Editor Colors


Brad Wilson has a new blog entry where he is giving away a vssettings file with his perferred layout of a dark background with gentle colors.  I really like the look and think I am going to stick with it.  Take a look if your eyes need a rest from white backgrounds!

SqlDataSource Issues...


I've blogged before about issues with the SqlDataSource.  I've crufted up an example of the problems that can be downloaded here (with usual caveat of changing the connection string in the web.config to point to a DB with the Northwind database).

Visual Studio 2005 Service Pack 1 - By September


In case you didn't see it on other sites, it looks like MS has reversed its decision to wait until 2007 for the SP1 of Visual Studio 2005.  Its coming by September.

Visual Studio 2008 for .NET 2.0 Development - An Interesting Quirk

I've been converting some projects to Visual Studio 2008 (but not .NET 3.5) to see if I like the new IDE better than 2005.  So far I can't tell a big difference (though the improved Script debugging is nice).  I did find out something interesting...

I use the 'prop' snippet (if you don't know what this is, in 2005 or 2008 type 'prop' {no quotes} and hit tab twice) to add simple properties.  In 2005 it stubs out the field and the property.  But in 2008 it stubs out an implicit property.

Installing Visual Studio 2008 over Beta 2


Scott Guthrie has a new blog post instructing people how to cleanly uninstall all the Beta 2 bits on a machine before installing the RTM of Visual Studio.  This is a great list but if you're an early adopter like I am beware. 

Silverlight and Visual Studio 2008

With today announcement of Visual Studio 2008 going RTM this month, we start the inevidible task of determining how many of the VS 2008 tools are going to have toolkits installed.  Of most interest to me are:

Are you ready to move to 2008 when it goes 2008 or are you sticking with 2005?

Visual Studio 2008 Release and Silverlight Development

Now that Visual Studio 2008 is released it would be nice to do some Silverlight development on it (instead of the Beta).  Good and bad news:

Silverlight 1.0:

"The project type is not supported by this installation" Visual Studio 2005 Error?

I get this error from time to time when I uninstall some MS software that isn't behaving very well (I've gotten it from uninstalling Orcas, SQL Server early drops and other products).  I wanted to highlight the two big fixes to this (without resorting to the painful re-installation of VS):

First, tell VS to heal itself (this fixes it about 80% of the time):

Microsoft Launches Beginning Developer Learning Center


Add Using Automatically - Visual Studio 2005 Feature

My new favorite feature of Visual Studio is the ability to click on a typename and have it automatically add the using/imports statement for me.  It won't do it if you don't have the assembly already referenced, but otherwise this is a huge time saver for me...I don't know why I never noticed it before.

VS "Add New Items..." Dialog


Could I get anyone who agrees with me to vote on this bug in Microsoft's Connect Site?

My VS Suggestion on the "Add New Item..." dialog won't be fixed...


VS.NET and SQL Server "Express"?


Looks like MS is going after the 'hobbyist' with their new “Express” line of development products.  Wonder if this will really stem the MySQL tide or not.  Perhaps the SQL Server Express edition will be a better solution than MSDE.

DataAdapters and Component Surfaces (or why I love using the toolset)

I always forget this blog this, but when I am doing a database project using Typed DataSets, I almost always use a Component Surface to build my DataAdapters interactively.  For example:

Here I add a component to my project:

Active XSLT and EnvDTE


VSIP Anyone? Free VSIP Anyone?


After complaining to MS guys for over a year, it seems that they've finally opened up their Visual Studio Integration Program (VSIP). For those of use that have wanted to dig in deeper into VS.NET and fix some of the annoyances, this is great news.

How could I have missed it?

I hope I am not the only one who missed the magic of CTRL-SHIFT-V. I have bungled about with copy-paste in the editor so many times...I accidently hit CTRL-C instead of CTRL-V and copy an empty line instead of pasting my code...Arg! Now I know to just hit CTRL-SHIFT-V and pick my lost copy from the clipboard ring.

Now its got me wondering what else I have missed. If you have a favorite hidden treasure, could you e-mail at and I will post them in an upcoming rant.

Nasty ASP.NET 2.0 Bug...Postponed?


I've been working on some ASP.NET 2.0 code for the last few weeks and ran into a bug that (in my opinion) is particularly nasty.  If you are comfortable with the 1.x model at all, you're likely to run into it.  In the 1.x model, all code-behind classes were compiled into a single assembly.  So you could:

Compile ASP.NET 2.0 Site to One Assembly!


How to share Forms Authentication between a 1.x Site and a 2.0 Site in the Same Domain

There are several blogs that have discussed how to share an auth cookie between sites in a farm and how to do a true single-signon for a domain. Mark Brooks pointed me to these that help a lot:

Now the trick is to do it between a 1.x and a 2.0 site in the same environment (but in different IIS Applications).  The trick is to create a <machineKey /> entry in both web.configs.  Pete Bromberg has a nifty little web page that will help you generate one to use for both:

Master-Detail in ASP.NET 2.0 is Pretty Cool

VS 2005 Class Diagrams...

Re-writing for ASP.NET 2.0

Back in the day when ASP.NET shipped, I converted this site from the existing ASP based site.  As an exercise to really bring in some new features I've wanted and to lose the ASP legacy (I actually still have a page or two that uses string concatenation to put together HTML Tables), I want to do a full re-write of the site. 

I use a process where I begin with the requirements, then the data, then the code (no big surprises there).  My goal is to blog through each stage of this process and hopefully help my readers learn a bit about an ASP.NET 1.x to ASP.NET 2.0 conversion.

Rewriting Part 1 - Requirements

For the new, I have the following requirements:

I am sure there  are more, but those are the core of the new requirements.  Tune in tomorrow to start matching requirements with solutions...

Application Name WilderBlog Environment Name Production
Application Ver Runtime Framework .NETCoreApp,Version=v2.0
App Path D:\home\site\wwwroot\ Runtime Version .NET Core 4.6.26212.01
Operating System Microsoft Windows 10.0.14393 Runtime Arch X86