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Using Large Message Requests in Silverlight with WCF

SilverlightToday I was working with a client and ran into a problem I didn't expect. This particular problem had to do with Silverlight consuming a WCF Service. Sometimes WCF causes me to spew four letter words. There is a class of WCF problems that cause this: connection rejection. WCF has been designed to prevent common DDoS and other attacks that could cause servers to fail or at least not serve honest requests. To this end the default size of a request is quite small. In fact, its usually 64K in size. This size is fine for most every request but occassionally when a client wants to send a collection of things to the server this size is too small. But we'll get to that in a minute. First, some background...

This particular client has a large service that's been working for quite a while, then suddenly a single call he has was being rejected. The new service call he was making was sending back a list of a couple of hundred of POCO classes. He had been downloading large lists before so on the surface this should have worked. But it didn't. 

Silverlight Data Examples Have Been Updated!


Silverlight LogoIf you've never had the chance to visit my sister site (, now's a good time. I've updated my examples there to include my MVVM, Prism and Declarative UI examples (to go with the skinning/switchable Astoria example).  Take a look if you're doing Silverlight data-based applications.

Silverlight and Cross Site Scripting

If you have spent anytime with Silverlight, you've likely run across the cross-site scripting issue.  Essentially, the browser doesn't let you do web requests from other sites than the one you're hosted in.   This is to prevent nasty script kiddies from doing nefarious things. 

While I hope that Microsoft solves this in the way that Flash does (essentially a white-list that is located on the server that says what sites are ok), I do suggest a workaround: proxy calls offsite through your server.  You can create a simple service on your site that returns data from another site. Then in Silverlight its a matter of making a request up to your own server to get the data and work with it in whatever way you want.

ASP.NET AJAX RTM and WCF Do Not Play Well Together...


I am delving into WCF and AJAX (not at the same time) lately so I wanted to see if they were compatible.  According to this whitepaper on ASP.NET (follow the link and scroll down to "Support for WCF Web Services"), the RTM of AJAX does not support WCF.  It seems they removed it so they could make it work better in a later release.  The promise is that by the Orcas release of VS, they will be compatible. 

.NET 3.0 Visual Studio Extensions ("Orcas") Compatible with Vista RC


Come and get it.  The newest drop of the Visual Studio Tools for .NET 3.0. Make sure you get the .NET 3.0 Runtime (and SDK) and the Visual Studio Workflow Tools RC5 while you're at it! 

Vista and WinFX

I have built a test-vista machine to do some WinFX stuff on and it got me wondering...why do I need to run the WinFX runtime installation on Vista? Isn't this supposed to be pre-installed?  Aren't some built-in Vista apps already using WinFX?  I am so confused.  Anyone know?


New Indigo/Avalon Bits work with VS Beta 2


NDAzed and Confused...

The PDC talk is heating up and it is clear to me that there is a huge number of 'wow' features that will be unveiled in LA. It seems like most of the other bloggers are talking about what I think is protected behind the multitude of NDA's I've signed. So to be safe I am keeping my mouth shut...tightly. What I can say is that what you'll see at the show about Whidbey, Yukon and Longhorn are phenomenal. Some of it is evolutionary, but much of it is revolutionary. I think you’ll be pleased... I am.

Since Don (Box) can’t seem to not talk about it, Indigo has gotten me really intrigued. I haven’t seen any of it, but I really want to know everything I can about it. That’s where I will spend my time at the PDC.

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