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Interesting Discussion with Leader of SQL Server and WinFS


Hey everybody look...its not a Silverlight post ;)

Next Versions of Windows Resurfacing WinFS?


In this blog entry by James Kyton, he talks about the next versions of Windows (Fiji and that order). Fuji seems to be Vista 1.1 as it is adding features that were dropped.  Of most interest to me is the fact that the WinFS name is rearing is head again.  The article states that for Fiji:

WinFS is Dead?!?


Vista and WinFX

I have built a test-vista machine to do some WinFX stuff on and it got me wondering...why do I need to run the WinFX runtime installation on Vista? Isn't this supposed to be pre-installed?  Aren't some built-in Vista apps already using WinFX?  I am so confused.  Anyone know?


WinFS Beta 2 at TechEd!?!


While I think its interesting that the new drop of WinFS will be shown at the upcoming TechEd (too bad I couldn't get there this year), what I have seen so far doesn't have me too excited.  I played with Beta 1 a bit and was certainly a FanBoy for the early WinFS with Vista before that got yanked.

WinFS: Take 2...

I've spent a couple hours digging back into the new WinFS.  So far it seems interesting, but only as a new datastore.  It doesn't seem to be trying to be the Object File System from teh Cairo days, though that may be because of it's bolted-on status on XP.  It is still stored in a SQL Server engine, so that is good.  It also looks like the actual files (not just the metadata) are being stored there. 

I will probably update my WinFS DB Explorer and release it next week with the new bits.  Being able to look at the DB would be fun!

Rebirth of WinFS?


As any of my readers will probably know, WinFS is a hot/sore spot for me.  To my surprise, Tom Rizzo dropped a Beta of WinFS (and it supposedly is backwards compatible with XP) on MSDN a day or two ago. 

Is Apple's "Spotlight" Technology just WinFS in Tiger's Clothing?


Adam Barr on Scheduling (in reference to WinFS)


I really like this post by Adam Barr in response to Scoble's blog about what happened to WinFS.  I think Adam is right on with his take on how long-term projects are scheduled.  Whether this is what happened to WinFS or not is up to speculation...ok...let me speculate.

WinFS Probably Won't Show Up After '10


Quoted in e-Week!


Today, I am quoted in e-Week about my opinion of what's happening to Longhorn...specifically about WinFS.  Hope I didn't offend anyone in Redmond ;)

I am going to miss Cairo...sorry...WinFS


After spending hours digging through Longhorn builds to try and understand WinFS, I have to say that I am really bummed that it is getting pushed out.  I think I understand Redmond's approach here, but they've been promising something like WinFS for years now. 

WinFS is Gimped At the Moment...

Mike Deems Responds (and then some)


Why is WinFS Using ObjectSpaces?

In Luca Bolognese's PDC presentation on ObjectSpaces, he stated in a diagram that you should use ADO.NET's objects DataSets/DataReaders if "You require maximum control/performance/functionality" That seems to indicate that we should not use ObjectSpaces if performance, funcationality and control are a requirement.  If this is the case, it would seem that using ObjectSpaces in WinFS is very contrary.  WinFS has to be quick...not just fast...lightning fast.  We are talking about impatient users. 

I think it is important that we get Mike Deem to respond to this in his Blog.  I am going to forward this to him and post it up on the newsgroups, but maybe I am missing something. 

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