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Of Enum, FlagsAttribute and Enum.Parse

I found it very interesting in a little test that the Flags attribute doesn't seem to change the way that the CLR numbers Enumerations.  So that this enumeration:

public enum UnFoo

this code ends up not working as i'd expect:

VS 2005 Class Diagrams...

Cops! In front of our car?

Tricia and I have been looking at houses today when we heard sirens and a car hit the car in front of us (thankfully everyone was ok).  But when the car stopped that hit the car in front of us, the sirens were right behind them.  They both jumped out and one of them ran off.  The officers arrested the one that didn't run and 3 more patrol cars went after the one on foot.  I never did find out if they caught him, but it was all a bit too exciting.

I have to admit, my first thought was whether there was going to be gunfire and that we were trapped in the middle of it (car in front of us and a car behind).  Luckily there wasn't.  

Master-Detail in ASP.NET 2.0 is Pretty Cool

Virtual Earth is Up


Microsoft has just released Virtual Earth.  While it is a great competitor for Google Maps, it is still missing much of what Google Earth gives you (unless I am missing something).  It is impressive what they are doing as a browser app without a download. 

Geek Dinner!

New Wachowski Brothers' movie Trailer


Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Georgia Sucks

They have quite a scam going on for individual people for coverage.  Tricia and I recently applied for individual coverage and they happily took our application and the first month's premium.  Before they even looked at the application, they charged our credit card.  Then they dragged their feet on approving the application so we have to cancel the application and get coverage elsewhere.  So the deal is that if you are not approved or cancel the application, they take 30 days to keep your money and issue an out of state check for the refund.  So they are keeping our money floating in their accounts for two months while they mess around with us.  While money isn't extravagant (~$600), I wonder how many other individuals are caught up in this mess too.  I knew BCBS was a crooked organization (they are an insurance carrier afterall), but this just seems mean to do this to individuals that can scarcely deal with it, people trying to get individual insurance coverage.  Just evil...

I am just glad we don't have anything like universal health care in this country :|

Windows Vista?


Longhorn finally has a real name:  Windows Vista.  Huh?  Can't we just go back and call it Windows 2006?  XP was wierd enough, but now the marketing people have invaded the campus' core.  They announced the new name with the marketing tagline:

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