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Geek Dinner - A couple of useful links...

At the Atlanta Geek Dinner this evening we got talking about a whole boatload of interesting topics.  I promised that I would share a couple of interesting links.  The first is to a blog called "OldNewThing" from a Microsoftie who explains why old school Windows stuff works the way it does.  It's a must have every dev out there:

Asking a Favor....


Anyone with a web enabled phone, I am trying to test how a calendar looks on phones but I only have so many.  If you could visit this page ( and click on the hyperlink on whether you can see the calendar or not, I'd really appreicate it!

Reminder: Atlanta Geek Dinner this Thursday


Using Data in Reporting Services Footers


American Dad!


As a huge Family Guy fan, I am happy and sad.  I waited until after the Super Bowl and watched this show which comes from the twisted mind of Seth MacFarland.  I am happy because the show was quite good, but it was only a tease.  The show doesn't really start until May.  Sad : (

Yukon and User Defined Types (UDTs)


In response to Sahil Malik's recent post on CLR Types as UDT's in Yukon, I have to say I prefer the Typed Xml in Yukon to CLR Types. 

February Geek Dinner!


This month's geek dinner will be on February 10th.  Let's all meet 5 Season's Brewing Company at 6pm! 

Kidney Stones, et al.

To whomever designed the kidney, I have a bone to pick with you.  I've spent two of the past four nights in the Hospital dealing with kidney stones.  Nasty thing is that the pain medication that usually dulls it well enough has done nothing with these new nasty sized pearls.  Now that they know what they are made up (mostly calcium), I have to change the whole way I eat, or more appropriately, drink.  I've been told to give up all milk products, colas and tea.  I guess I have to drink water...

Well, enough of my griping. 

Enjoying Compact Framework Development


In Response to Sahil Malik's Null problem


In response to your rant about the inelegance of the CLR's null implementation:

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