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Silverlight 4's Printing Support


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Taking a WebCam Photo with Silverlight


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Silverlight Tour Now Includes Silverlight 4!


Silverlight TourNow that the big news of the Silverlight 4 Beta release is out, we can announce that we've been working hard to update our course to include Silverlight 4 material. Since Silverlight 4 is only in Beta (and no go-live license to boot), the Silverlight Tour will continue to teach Silverlight 3 and show the Silverlight 4 material in addition. This way whether you're building a short-term application you can get your Silverlight 3 needs met, but if you want to learn Silverlight for a long-term project, you can be sure that the Silverlight Tour will prepare you for the Silverlight of tomorrow.

Data Binding Changes in Silverlight 4

Silverlight LogoAs many of you don't know, I was previously known as "The ADO Guy" so of course my first jump into the new Silverlight 4 bits was to play with the new Data Binding changes. The improvements aren't dramatic but they do fill several key holes that existed in the earlier versions.  Let's take these changes one at a time.

Prior to Silverlight 4, in order to support data binding, the object had to derive from the FrameworkElement class which left out some key objects including Transformations.  Now data binding works on any object that derives from DependencyObject (which is most of the Silverlight 4 framework). You can see this in the example below.  (Note, you can also see the CompositeTransform which lets you set transformations of all four types in a single transform):

Silverlight 4 Beta Announced!


Silverlight LogoAs noted in Scott Guthrie's keynote early, Silverlight 4 is now in beta.  But what does that mean to you? Silverlight 4 Beta does not have a go-live license, so if you're building something to be released soon, I would stick with Silverlight 3. In contrast if you're working on a longer term project, especially a line-of business application, you'd be crazy to not look at Silverlight 4. Here are some of the major changes in this release:

.NET Rocks Panel Live from Sofia!


.NET Rocks

Second Week of European Conference Tour


Fun with CollectionViews


Silverlight LogoI've recently been looking at the PagedCollectionView class. For those who are not familiar with this class, it allows you to automatically show sections of a collection in a paged way (especially when paired with the PagerControl). There is a good example on MSDN here:

Five Minutes with Me



First Week of European Conference Tour


One week into my European Conference tour and I thought it was time to send you lot a update. My first stop was Sofia, Bulgaria to join the great folks at DevReach. I got in a couple of days early so I could relax and get my time change down.

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