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Great XBox 360 Ad


Here is how playing online sorta feels...

Brilliant! People Driving the Speed Limit in Atlanta


I was recently point to a brilliant student film where students took four cars out to the Atlanta Perimeter (a highway that surrounds Atlanta) and drove the speed limit to see what other drivers would do. 

Dallas Bound!

.NET Framework Gem of the Week


Every week (until I run out of Gems), I will post a new class or structure that I find in the .NET Framework that I never knew existed...and that I think rocks...

Microsoft Origami


I just saw the Microsoft Origami video that isn't supposed to be out (looks like a production company was so proud of it, that it posted it on its website as what they could do for you...obviously not knowing it wasn't public yet).  I am very impressed.  Me want now!

Does Your Outlook Window Look Like this 1/2 the Time?

I have tried installing, uninstalling addins, and all sorts of other hacks.  But I find that half the time my outlook window still looks like this:

WTF Happened to EBay?

I have sold hundreds of items on ebay over the past ten years, but not in the last couple. When my laptop was in the 'shop', I picked up a laptop to use in the meantime. Now that my laptop is back, I was hoping to unload this 'extra' laptop.  Silly me!

So I listed the laptop on EBay (the first listing). It was immediately purchased with "Buy It Now" by a new user of EBay. They then deleted their EBay account (once they had my e-mail address) and encouraged me to mail the laptop, and when they got the tracking # they'd send me $ through PayPal.  Hehe...I am not that gullible.  Ok, reported the Fraud and EBay refunded the purchase cut, but not the listing fees. Ok, only a couple of dollars in a $1,300 transaction.  I can swallow that.

Jeffrey Richter and Threading


My New Article on NHibernate is Up!


Sean Gerety Doing a WPF "Coffee Talk" at 5 Seasons on February 20th, 2006 - 7pm


SQL Packager and SQL Server MDF Formats


In a current project I am working on with a distributed team, we use a set of detached database (mdf/ldf) files to keep current the latest version of the database we're working on. I use SQL Server 2000 and 2005 on my local dev-box, but since this customer is going to use SQL Server 2000 I've been trying to keep the work on SQL Server 2000. 

Fun with C# Switches


Interesting what can happen when you re-read the specification.  I've been taking time in the "library" to read the 2.0 C# Specification. But instead of skiping the old stuff and concentrating on the new language stuff, I am reading the whole thing again. Something interesting I found in the 'switch' statement.

GridView, HyperLinkFIeld and FILE:// URLs


I was helping a friend out this evening trying to get a simple GridView working with a HyperLinkField from a database result and we ran into an interesting security feature that people might run into:

Your Cellphone Records are for Sale....


I had a chance encounter today with the fact that my cell phone records are up for sale to anyone with $110 burning a hole in their pocket. I have to say I am outraged. I can't believe that cell phone companies can sell a record of anyone I call. It makes me sick to my stomach just thinking about it.  Anyone else have experience where your cell phone records have been used?

MSN Messenger Bloat

I have been using the new MSN Messenger and I am perplexed by how much memory it takes.  Here's a screenshot of its memory in comparison with Outlook (I have a 800 Meg .pst file, so outlook could be huge):

HP Support - Part 2

I finally got my laptop back from HP today and I have to say a couple of things about HP Support:

Overall, I have to give HP a marginal thumbs up for support.  It did take lots longer than other companies, but in general I am happy with the follow through I got.

"Fear of Girls" - D & D Mockumentary


If any of you played D&D as a kid like I did you might be offended by this video on Google Video.  I found it funny.  Sorta like "Trekers" but for the D&D set. I am not convinced that this isn't fiction...

A Night of Avalon


I had a great time tonight talking about all things XAML at the Atlanta Visual Basic Study Group. There were plenty of interesting questions and it's clear the Cider and Sparkle have come a long way, but still have a way to go. It was interesting to see how many people seemed to still tie WinFX with Vista and machine upgrades. I am glad to see how well everything runs on my XP boxes. 

Slow Transactions with System.Transactions and SQL Server 2000


Thanks to Bill Booth via the Windows Off Topic Mailing List, I was concerned that the DTC was being used for intra-database transactions with SQL Server 2000.  I was looking at timing and using System.Transactions with SQL 2000 is through the roof slower than using traditional client-side transactions.  Interestingly SQL 2005 doesn't have this limitation.  Lazar Florin has a great blog post that explains what is happening here (found here).

My First Week with FireFox


I decided to download FireFox (the new 1.5 version) last week to try and combat my complains about how Flash is too pervasive. So far I am pretty impressed.  Not every site that I use works well with Firefox, but the majority of my "browsing" with FireFox works flawlessly.  Usually FireFox falls down when IE features are used (e.g. SharePoint or FreeTextBox related sites). I have found the following plugins to FireFox not only useful but required:

Reminder...Atlanta Geek Dinner This Evening...


Come visit with me and Atlanta's best geeks for some dinner and perhaps some adult cocktails:

Lesson for the Day: Don't use XP Home for Development

As some of you know I lost the screen on my main laptop (HP ZD8000, a lovely machine at 13 lbs) so I sent it into support where they are going to fix it but take 2 weeks to do it. I took over my old laptop from my dear Tricia to try and make it work for a while.

To simplify her world, the laptop only had XP Home on it.  After getting the 3,000 things installed I needed to in order to work on my current project I am going to have to upgrade it to Professional.  The problem?  ASP.NET 2.0.

HP Support Woes


My HP laptop that I love so much came up gimpy yesterday.  The screen went kaput suddenly.  I looked back and luckily the one year warranty from HP is going to replace it. 

.NET Rocks


My First Taste of Cider...

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