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Don't Forget the MSDN Developers Conference in Atlanta


Coming December 16, 2008, i'll be at the Atlanta stop of the MSDN Developer Conference to see the PDC content. These events will give you an opportunity to see the Azure platform, Windows 7, Silverlight, F# and even Oslo

Mad Dog Hangs 'em Up


I don't blog about my personal passions outside of software development very often, but today's announcement of my absolutely favorite baseball player requires a moment.

Humbling Post


I am humbled by a recent post from Arcane Code's only Robert Cain. In explaining how to make your self more useful (especially in this market), he used me an example of someone who moves with the technology. I am not sure how right he is, but I am certainly humbed by the gesture. On his blog is a list of "Arcane Lessons" that is not to be missed. He hits on a wide variety of subjects from WPF to SQL Server Compact Edition to Visual Studio Addins.  Well worth a click-through!

Congratulations Gerald Aden


At last night's Portland Area .NET Users Group, we gave away a seat to the upcoming Portland, Oregon Silverlight Tour stop. Erik Mork (of the Sparkling Client Podcast) held the contest and we have a winner!  Congratulations to Gerald Aden for winning the contest! We look forward to seeing you at the workshop on December 15th!

Win a Seat at the Portland, OR Silverlight Tour!


If you are in Portland, OR tomorrow night (December 4th, 2008), stop by the PADNUG meeting for a chance to win a seat at the upcoming Portland stop of the Silverlight Tour. Erik Mork (of Sparkling Client fame) will be handling the giveaway.

Using Content in ControlTemplates

I often get questions about how the ContentPresenter works in ControlTemplates. There are certainly oddities to how it works in practice, but this is some additional information that should help you make sense of it.

By default, the purpose of the ContentPresenter is to allow you to have a placeholder for the content (whatever the content). For example, a simple Button ControlTemplate (note the ContentPresenter):

Silverlight in Florida


The West Palm Beach Users Group last night went really well. We had a lot of good questions and hopefully gotten some of those folks excited about Silverlight 2 development. I want to thank David C. Noderer and Morgan Baker for their help in coordinating the event and I look forward to coming back soon.

Speaking in West Palm Beach, Florida on Tuesday


If you are in Florida this week and want to get a peek at Silverlight 2, don't forget to join me at the Florida.NET's West Palm Beach meeting. The User Group is going to be held on November 25, 2008 at 6:30pm:

DevReach Panel Discussion Now on .NET Rocks


While in Bulgaria, I was delighted to be on a panel about the future of Web Development including luminaries like Carl Franklin, Mark Dunn, Miguel Castro, Todd Anglin and Steve Smith. We discussed the Visual Studio tool set, MVC versus Web Forms, Silverlight versus everything else and some other interesting topics.  Luckily Carl recorded it all for a .NET Rocks show!

Silverlight Tour en Español - New Cities!


My partner, DevWorx has expanded their schedule of Silverlight Tour classes they are offering in Spanish to include Central America, South American and Europe. They have added a number of cities including;

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