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Speaking at MSDN DevCon in Atlanta


Coming December 16, 2008, i'll be at the Atlanta stop of the MSDN Developer Conference to see the PDC content. These events will give you an opportunity to see the Azure platform, Windows 7, Silverlight, F# and even Oslo. 

Updated My Silverlight 2/Astoria MSDN Article


I just found out that my changes to the article and code for Silverlight 2 RTW are now live. The article makes the small change that it no longer requires you to use EdmGem to build your proxy (using the Service Reference instead).  I've also updated the code example to be compatible with .NET 3.5 SP1 and Silverlight 2. 

Coming to Florida!


I am coming to West Palm Beach, FL on November 25th, 2008 to do my Introducing Silverlight 2. If you are in the area, don't forget to stop by to ask me about anything Silverlight (or anything else for that matter).

New Silverlight 2 ADO.NET Data Service Example


I've finally had a chance to update my Silverlight 2-ADO.NET Data Services example. In this new sample I show how to create a Line-of-Business application (an XBox Game editor) using ADO.NET Data Services against both an Entity Framework model and NHibernate. Unlike earlier examples, this one includes implementation against the ADO.NET Data Service Silverlight 2 library to support saving of changed entities. In addition, I show some techniques for paging, retrieving simple types over an ADO.NET Data Service and full styling of the application. I hope to add support for Forms Authentication in the coming weeks.

Why Domain Specific Languages are Important to Everyday Developers

Now that Oslo is in a public form, I've taken time (as you probably noticed in earlier blog posts) to look at Oslo. While the Model Driven Development part of the stack is important and potentially game changing, I wanted to stop and look at the Domain Specific Language part of the Oslo stack.

I am not the only one though. The potential for building Domain Specific Languages has caused jeers and leers from different parts of the web including Martin Fowler, Frans Bouma, and Roger Asling. Aside from the whether "M" becomes a valid way to build Domain Specific Language, I am more interested in the idea behind Domain Specific Languages themselves.

MSchema and Decorator Tables


When I first grabbed the Oslo SDK, I wanted to first dive into MSchema.  MSchema is a language for defining your data store and relationships between data that Oslo uses to define how to handle storage.  My first attempt was to try and replicate the store model of my VideoGameStore data that i've been using to show off Silverlight and ADO.NET Data Services. My original attempt was:

Controlling Service References in Silverlight 2

I get this question a lot when I teach the Silverlight Tour and when I do talks at conferences and user groups:

Is there a right way to handle web service endpoints in Silverlight 2 when dealing with development and deployment servers?

SilverlightData Examples - Coming Soon


For the last few iterations of Silverlight 2 I've been keeping some data-driven examples on my sister site: Since Silverlight 2 was released I've been working on a more comprehensive example using ADO.NET Data Services, NHibernate, Entity Framework and Forms-based Authentication. its taking longer than I'd like but when its live, I'll post about it here.  I've taken down the old samples since they haven't been refactored to work with the new bits.

SQL Data Services is Cool...but It Won't Work in Silverlight 2


If you are thinking about using SQL Data Services (the data part of the Azure stack) in your Silverlight 2 project, think again. As you might know, ADO.NET Data Services (Astoria) will not work cross-domain regardless of a security policy file (because of some limitations in the two networking stacks that Silverlight 2 uses). Its a problem but in most use-cases ADO.NET Data Services (Astoria) is used on the same domain so no biggie...but...

Silverlight Tour in Seattle


Only *two* weeks left until the Seattle Silverlight Tour stop.  If you are interested in our three-day workshop on everything Silverlight, make sure you register now.  For this tour stop, we've limited it to eighteen participants.

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