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An Interesting User Interface...


This Outlook Add-In from MS Research and Maryland U. is particularly interesting.  It may be a little more of than another consuption of extra CPU cycles in an age over-zealous animations, but I think there is something useful here.  There is an intuitiveness to what they have in mind that is very useful. 

Exploding Whale in Taiwan...Not Terrorism, but Biology...


Raise Your Hand If You Like Jewel Cases....

Url: Revisited...


I like it when a “MS v. Some small guy” story works out.  Mike Rowe has given to microsoft, but in return he's getting some great stuff.  Here's what Microsoft is doing in return for the domain:

Microsoft vs. MikeRoweSoft


Mobile MCE?


Mini IPod?


Windows Media Center Edition DOA?


Back in the Saddle...

Finally, a Tape Deck for My PC!


And I Thought I was a Geek...


WTL 7.1!


For you Poker Fans...


EBay RSS Feeds


Beware of the PayPal Worm...




Mike Deems Responds (and then some)


Why is WinFS Using ObjectSpaces?

In Luca Bolognese's PDC presentation on ObjectSpaces, he stated in a diagram that you should use ADO.NET's objects DataSets/DataReaders if "You require maximum control/performance/functionality" That seems to indicate that we should not use ObjectSpaces if performance, funcationality and control are a requirement.  If this is the case, it would seem that using ObjectSpaces in WinFS is very contrary.  WinFS has to be quick...not just fast...lightning fast.  We are talking about impatient users. 

I think it is important that we get Mike Deem to respond to this in his Blog.  I am going to forward this to him and post it up on the newsgroups, but maybe I am missing something. 

Making Sense of Object-to-Relational Mappings

I've been following some threads on the DevelopMentor .NET Mailing Lists about what is a good solution for O/R Mapping.  I am intrigued by a couple of ideas, especially ones that no one seems to be talking about:

I have felt a little left out in the cold lately when it comes to O/R mapping.  I have spent the last two years on my soapbox about using DataSets (more specifically Typed DataSets) as the answer to Business Objects.  I have known I am odds with other data-centric authors/speakers out there, but I still think that Typed DataSets are a good solution now and in Whidbey.  But what about ObjectSpaces?

Cool Outlook 2003 Feature

This Has Nothing To Do With Software Development...


Getting My Hands on the 64 bit Framework

I got to play with an Itanium 2 Box at the PDC today. Instead of following their script, I did what I've wanted to do for months...creating a huge DataSet. They had an interesting setup. You used a Pentium 4 box to develop code and then Terminal Service'd into a sixteen-way Itanium 2 machine to run the code. The 64 bit JIT's the IL to 64 bit code from the same assembly that the 32 bit JIT did to create the 32 bit code.

I say some interesting results:

Been a busy couple of days....

Being at the PDC has been a blast, but a bit overwhelming. There is so much to see and so many people to meet. I have come away from the first few days with a couple of observations:

Till tomorrow...

Longhorn is cool, but way out...

After attending most of the Keynote this morning at the PDC I am convinced that Microsoft is headed in the right direction, but it is still a long way off. 2005 or 2006 is too long to plan towards. On other note, Yukon and Whidbey will be here soon. Its about time to start planning for these technologies now.

I'll blog in more detail later tonight about what these technologies mean to you.

First Day at the PDC...

Other than LAX being 'smoked' in, there is not much to report today. A number of MS employees seem to be stuck at SeaTac waiting for the smoke from the bush fires to clear out. On my way in last night, we flew over the fires. It was pretty impressive. We were in a holding pattern over the fires and could smell the wood smoke in the plane. After a few nervous passengers asked the staff, we were reassured that it was only from the fires below

Since I am not registered for the pre-Conference sessions, there isn't much to do today. After walking around the conference hall, it is clear that this conference is all about Yukon, Whidbey and Longhorn. No doubt about it.

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