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SDN Conference - Demo Code


I just finished up with my four talks at the SDN Conference outside of Amsterdam and I had a great time. For anyone who missed it, you missed a great time. Amsterdam 026

I had four sessions ranging from cloud computing to Silverlight 2. For the attendees I wanted to give you a chance to download the demo source code I wrote for the sessions.  You can find it here:

All Quiet...

Its been quite quiet on my site these last week or so. I am traveling doing a couple of European conferences so my blogging is light. I do expect to deliver my new edition of my ScreenCast (Shawn Wildermuth's Dirty Little Secrets) this friday and I'll have a completely wrap up of the conferences once they are complete. Stay tuned for a lot more content in the next week or so.

Silverlight and ADO.NET Data Service Operations

In building my Silverlight RC example using ADO.NET Data Services for Entity Framework and NHibernate I ran into what I think is a common pattern.  I am writing an editor for XBox game data. The model for this data uses decorator tables in the database which are modeled as a common "Product" class and derived "Game", "Console" and "Accessory" classes.  In the application I am using paging to only look at fifty results at once. This works fine on both sides. 

But one of the pieces of information I wanted was a list of all the Game Genre.  This became problematic as ADO.NET Data Services wanted me to retrieve all 880 games in order to get a list of these Genres (of which there are only 20 some odd). The whole idea of using paging is go avoid the huge overhead of bringing down the whole entity. Interestingly when I executed a LINQ query that used projection into non-entities, the query wasn't supported as projection isn't allowed in the ADO.NET Data Services URI model (which the client uses).

I am an MVP!


I am proud to announce that Microsoft hasn't come to their senses yet and decided to renew my MVP status for another year. Being an MVP has been a great experience for me and I really appreciate the program. Five years into the program and I couldn't be happier.

Atlanta Geek Dinner - October 23, 2008


To coincide with my Atlanta Silverlight Tour Stop, we will be holding the Geek Dinner at Papadeaux's in Alpharetta on October 23, 2008. Please visit the site to RSVP and get directions:

Silverlight Tour Goes RC


Don't miss your chance to take the first Silverlight Tour stop that is supporting the impending release of Silverlight 2.  Starting with the Atlanta, Georgia - October 22-24th stop of the Silverlight Tour, the course will be taught using Silverlight 2 RC (or the full release once that happens).

New Information on WebClient in Silverlight 2

After digging and some prodding by a PM at Microsoft, I realize that the relative URI story in WebClient is different that I expected.  I am not sure whether this changed from previous versions but Beta 2 and the RC this is the way that Relative URI's work in WebClient:

Note that the WebRequest classes (BrowserHttpRequest specifically) does not support relative URI's so if you want to use that class instead of WebClient, you'll have to do your own relative URI resolution. 

The Silverlight Tour in the UK


I am happy to announce our newest partner for the Silverlight Tour: Saffron Interactive. They will be teaching the Silverlight Tour materials in the United Kingdom including their first class on December 3-5, 2008 in London, England.

WebClient vs. WebRequest in Silverlight 2

When making web requests in Silverlight 2, its easy to start with the simple WebClient class. In fact, it supports making simple requests (DownloadStringAsync and OpenReadAsync) as well as uploading through the class. On the other hand there are some that swear by the WebRequest route. What's the big difference?

Let's start with WebRequest. The pattern for WebRequest is to call WebRequest.Create:

Silverlight 2 Tools Release Candidate Now Available


In case you haven't heard yet, Microsoft announced that a Release Candidate of the Silverlight 2 tools are now available. You can download it now here:

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