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ADO.NET Data Services Performance Issues


It has come to my attention that my current examples using ADO.NET Data Services are performing very badly. I was using that example as anecdotal evidence that Data Services performed slower than the Web Service counterparts.  I don't think this is accurate.  I am working on some performance comparisons that I will share on my blog once Silverlight 2 goes into a full release so I can be sure that the numbers reflect a real-world release.

New Portland, OR Silverlight Tour Stop!


I am happy to announce we have a new stop on the Silverlight Tour: Portland, Oregon. On December 15th-17th, Erik Mork will be teaching the workshop in the Rose City.

Geek Dinner in NY/NJ Area - CANCELLED


UPDATE: Unfortunately, I've had to cancel this event as I am feeling under the weather.  Please accept my apologies for the short notice.

Dirty Little Secrets Now iTunes Compatible


I realized that I was delivering the Screencast (or Dimecast as I've heard it called) in WMV format to make Silverlight/Zune delivery easy.  Of course iTunes doesn't support that.  I've changed it to use both formats, for live viewing its in wmv for Silverlight (until H.264 is supported), and for the podcast feed its in H.264.  It *should* work in iTunes/iPod (though I don't use either so I'll leave it to you my readers to be my testers!  Here's the links to subscribe to the PodCast Feed:

Introducing the "Dirty Little Secrets" Screencast


I'd like to introduce you to my new screencast called "Shawn Wildermuth's Dirty Little Secrets". The aim of this screencast is to teach a techniques I've learned in a video format.  Unlike a PodCast, I won't be interviewing other people, but instead its 10-15 minutes with me and my screen. We'll be teaching you topics from Silverlight, data access, software design or anything that I think would aid my readers. 

JSON and Silverlight 2

I was crufting up a sample LINQ to JSON example today to post in my blog but something odd happened.  I couldn't find a public service that both used JSON and supports a security policy file.  Let me clarify that.

In Silverlight (like Flash/Flex), in order to make calls to external domains, that domain must support a security policy file. Flash defines one format and Silverlight another, though Silverlight supports the Flash format (for the most part). So if a domain has allowed Flash to access its site, Silverlight should be able to.  Great...right?

Atlanta Geek Dinner - Postscript

There was a great turnout for tonight Atlanta Geek Dinner. I had a lot of fun and really enjoyed the conversations that were to be had (technical, political and even some SharePoint).

If you missed it, you missed a good time.  Look for the next one to happen in November (on the north side of town this time).

Google Chrome, Silverlight 2 and Windowless Apps


Jon Galloway has a great new post on how to get the dev builds of Chrome to see new fixes for Silverlight and Flash. While this is laudable, these new builds still don't show any content (e.g. any of my examples) that use "windowless=true".

Reminder: Atlanta Geek Dinner - September 18th, 2008


Quick reminder that I am holding a Geek Dinner in Atlanta on September 18th, 2008.  We will be meeting at 5 Seasons Brewing at 6:30pm.  Please RSVP so we can reserve the right number of places.

ScrollViewer Mouse Scroll Support!


This took me a few days to get around to, but Adam Cooper sent me a link to his utility class for supporting the scroll wheel in ScrollViewers the other day. I am very impressed by it so far and wanted to share it with all my Silverlight 2 readers!

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