Code Reviews

Code Reviews

Improve Your Codebase

The goal of code reviews is not to blame developers, but to elevate the team with new knowledge that they can apply immediately. Code reviews are usually an interactive process where Shawn Wildermuth can walk the team through the findings, and answer questions about why these patterns might be problematic. We perform onsite and offsite code reviews that can help you find common problems and patterns in your own code.

Actionable Change

Performing a review of your codebase can help you understand the health of a project or organization. Reviewing your code can help you find common patterns that are causing problems you may or not be finding at first blush. My code reviews include specific advice how about how to improve your code's reliability, readability, and maintainability.

Blame Isn't Important

I believe that using code reviews to try and identify personel issues is a losing battle. My code reviews are meant to improve and inspire whole teams. By reviewing the recommendations, a team can learn better patterns to follow. The benefit of the code review isn't to fix the code; but instead to improve the codebase going forward.

Modernizing Codebases

Computer languages evolve over time. What was difficult once often becomes mundane. This means that a code review can help you modernize your code with new language techniques.