Team Building

Hands-on Tutoring and Advice

I've decided to not call it "consulting" or "architecture" because, at the end of the day, the goal of this kind of service is to make your team better. It may be to validate what they are doing or to help change direction, to help with pair programming of key components, or even one-on-one training. I want to make sure you are prepared for whatever comes your way.

Working With Teams

Teams can often need help understanding specific technologies or techniques. I can help there. Having a gentle, but knowledgable resource to ask questions and encourage learning can help most companies reach their goals quicker without running into road blocks that can impede progress or blow through deadlines.

Pair Programming

I've found that writing specific pieces of code in the company of other developers can be quite a learning experience. Developers often have hesitation to admit that they haven't learned key techniques. Watching me code and explaining what I am doing can be a real benefit to help quiet developers come out of their shells or get supposed 10x developers admit that they don't have to know everything.

Tracking Progress

One of the ways I've worked is to help teams improve their code though advice or code reviews. I find it helps teams to have a periodic checkup to see that they are staying on track.


Other coaching technique that I employ is to just be available for developers to be able to run ideas and plans by me as they build the software. Having a friendly place to ask tough questions can be invaluable.