Improve Your Organization's Skillset

I offer a range of different courses to fit your team's learning style. While video courses remain a staple in outsourced industry, having an instructor in-person can help solidify concepts that might be missed through video-based training.

Video Training

As a Pluralsight author, I have authored over twenty-five courses. These are available online in topics covering .NET, C#, JavaScript, TypeScript, Vue, and Tailwind.



I've learned a lot in my twenty years in training. Some of the best courses I've taught happened at in-person events. Of course, lots of courses have moved to other mediums; but I believe that you can get a better training outcome by being face-to-face with your students. This allows me to customize the content to the actual needs and experiences of the developers in the room.

Virtual Courses

Remote Courses

When in-person training isn't available, I can also teach courses remotely. This is especially good for distributed teams. By teaching virtually, you can still get some of the benefit of in-person training while being able to be more flexilble with scheduling and timing of a course.

Custom Courseware

Sometimes you just need something special. I can craft a custom course that meets the needs of your developers across different technologies.