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Still Painful IE6 Rendering...

Still Painful IE6 Rendering...

I've spent the better part of the night dealing with IE6 rendering issues.  I don't have a good test bed set up for testing browser problems for my personal sites so I miss major browser issues sometimes.  I've been using a Visual Studio 2008 Virtual PC image to do some work with Astoria and decided to pull up my site to grab some sample code I uploaded a few weeks ago on the Entity Framework. The VS 2008 VPC is using IE6 so I brought up my site (this site) and was aghast as to how badly it looked.

Two major issues had to be addressed.  The first was my use of a DOCTYPE tag on each page was forcing the pages to be rendered using the 'quirks' mode.  I found this page in MSDN that helped me drop a quick script in the page to test out which rendering mode I was using.  Here's that page in case someone needs it:

The second issue was how I was doing some things on the site (like centering of the content, background color of divs and borders).  While these worked find in IE7 and Firefox (the two I always test in), IE6 was choking and mis-handling the look of the site.  In all of these cases I was able to do a web search for "ie6" and the problem and I found solutions. 

If any of my readers notice that the site renders oddly for them, please e-mail me a screenshot and the URL to the page so I can address them. I am most concerned about IE5, IE5.5, Safari and Opera.  If you are using these browsers, please let me know if its broken.