MSN Desktop Search - Yet another blog about it!

December 14, 2004
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I downloaded MSN Toolbar which includes the Desktop Search this evening.  I immediately turned off the MSN toolbar since I am not interested in having two toolbars with identical features (I love the google bar and won’t give it up).  So how is search?

After indexing my files, I have to say that I am impressed so far.  They index folder names, source code files and supposedly e-mail.  But it can’t find my Outlook for some reason.  So I am holding my breath until it works with Outlook.  But for searching source code…it’s great!  I’ll update this as I figure it out.

UPDATE:  I could get it to work with Outlook but needed to delete a registry key to do it (a bug I think).  I ran this:

reg delete HKCU\Software\Clients\Mail

And I could suddently have it index Outlook.  Very very nice search so far.  I am close to dropping Google’s.