Batman Begins Review

June 23, 2005
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I went to see the new Batman movie and really liked it.  I have been a fan of Christian Bale since “Empire of the Sun” and I am glad to see him nail this role.  The whole look and feel of the movie is very fresh and generally the director did a great job (I loved his “Memento” a couple of years back).  My only complaint was that the combat scenes were a little muddied and hard to follow.  Great job casting an exceptional cast; Michael Caine (Alfred), Liam Neeson, Gary Oldman as “Commissioner Gordon”, Rutger Hauer (!), and the exceptional Morgan Freeman.

No spoilers here, I promise.  Some may balk at the first 1/3 of the movie being a bit plodding, but given the expectation that this movie is telling the story of how Bruce became Batman, I think it is well worth it and the payoff later in the film works for me.

Bottom line, run…don’t walk…to go see this movie on the big screen!