King Kong...A Brief Review (No Spoilers)

December 15, 2005
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Trish and I went to see King Kong this evening.  And I really liked it.  Unlike LOTR trilogy, I scarcely noticed the three hour length as almost every scene was well paced and felt necessary.  The special effects were simply spectacular (with very few exceptions).  Everything from Time Square circa 1930 to Skull Island looked really good.  It never felt like Peter was trying to wow us (unlike George Lucas’ city-scapes in the Star Wars Prequels), but wanted us to marvel in this new world of his.

I think this movie was very good but not quite great.  While I love his work on the LOTR movies, there was a forced sentimentality at times that I didn’t care for.  The acting was first rate, with the exception of Jack Black.  I love Jack…but Jack was playing Jack.  Very few things to nit pick, but not a perfect picture.  I give it an A-.

See this movie…(like you had to be talked into it ;)