Microsoft Origami

February 27, 2006
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I just saw the Microsoft Origami video that isn’t supposed to be out (looks like a production company was so proud of it, that it posted it on its website as what they could do for you…obviously not knowing it wasn’t public yet).  I am very impressed.  Me want now!

Few interesting ideas:

  • It was hand-held tablet, but about 1/2 the size of my tablet PC (approx 10"x7" maybe?)
  • They showed some form of Halo on it, so probably Vista based.
  • Showed some MCE stuff…I like the size for a portable video/audio player.
  • Implied phone connectivity (copying phone pictures to it).
  • Implied WiFi support (showed WiFi Spot sign while e-mailing someone)
  • Implied support for GPS (showed someone navigating back-country with it).
  • Showed it hooked to an interesting folding leather case that had a keyboard on the bottom…probably no keyboard built-in.

Hey Microsoft…will consult for gadgets.

Where do I pre-order?