WinFS Beta 2 at TechEd!?!

May 23, 2006
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While I think its interesting that the new drop of WinFS will be shown at the upcoming TechEd (too bad I couldn’t get there this year), what I have seen so far doesn’t have me too excited.  I played with Beta 1 a bit and was certainly a FanBoy for the early WinFS with Vista before that got yanked.

It looks like WinFS is becoming just another data store (to sit aside SQL Server and Access) with specific hooks for certain types of data.  If this is the case and WinFS will not be the next File System (, then I don’t know why we should be excited. The “Cairo” promise was a huge promise, but in the decade since, it would seem plausable that someone could make that happen.

I will sit here with my pessemistic hat on for a while until I get my hands on Beta 2.  Hopefully I will be proven wrong.