More on Silverlight (WPF/E)

April 16, 2007
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There will be a new home for Silverlight launch on April 30th (for MIX).  That site will be at I assume it will be a new site ala,, etc.

Note the .net part of the web address…I was confused last night when they launched the new name and noticed that was a .mac hosted web page.  I wonder if they couldn’t get the rights to the domain or they have something tricky up there sleeve.

Speaking tricky, I have talked with the team for months about lots of topics, including the training class I did for them some months back on Silverlight (WPF/E).  I asked several times why the host object was called “aghost”.  They seemed to always avoid the question…now I know why.  Mike Harsh explains that they had they name for months now and the “ag” in aghost was in reference to the chemical name for silver (AG).  Tricky…