Silverlight-Based SeeqPod Player

January 22, 2008
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Over the last few weeks I became interested in SeeqPod.  Essentially it is a site that crawls the web and looks for open music files on servers.  It has impleneted a search page and a search API.  The SeeqPod site uses a Flash player to play the found music.  I decided to use their API and create my own player using Silverlight.

The result is a little Silverlight app that shows off a couple of interesting techniques:

  • Uses WCF’s REST stack to retieve results from a site’s web service and feed the results to a Silverlight app.
  • Layering of HTML controls over a Silverlight control including supporting the Enter key to access the Silverlight control.
  • Exposes managed code to JavaScript to allow searches to be performed from JavaScript (the app is written in Silverlight 1.1 Alpha).
  • Shows several control written in Silverlight 1.1 and shows nesting of controls in other controls.

Take a look when you have a chance and i’d love any feedback you have.  The source code is available on the SilverlightPod page.