Silverlight 2 Game Store!

March 5, 2008
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To replace my old Silverlight 1.1 Demo using data, I’ve concocted an XBox Video Game store called AGGames:
When you first go to the site it will prompt you to install Silverlight 2 runtime.  There are some small issues with some features work correctly unless you reboot the browser.  If you run into issues watching the page, please close and re-launch the browser to make sure Silverlight 2 is loaded correctly.  To download the runtime directly, follow this link:

This example uses:

  • Silverlight 2
    • Control Model
    • Data Binding
    • Styles
    • Control Templates
    • A bunch of others…
    • Using the Silverlight ASP.NET Control to host the App
  • WCF
    • Exposes endpoints that are consumed by Silverlight 2
  • Entity Framework
    • Data Access Layer is Entity Framework
    • Includes derived types Data Contracts
    • Prepared to switch from WCF to Astoria (ADO.NET Data Services) when the Silverlight 2 client ships

I plan on making the source available once MIX is over.  Let me know what you think!