My Silverlight Page now using Silverlight 2

March 22, 2008
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Silverlight Spotlight
Its not a dramatic change, but I’ve ported my Silverlight 1.0 Silverlight page to use Silverlight 2.  There were some interesting lessons learned:

  • If I want to use the ASP.NET Silverlight control, I have to upgrade to ASP.NET AJAX 3.5.  Not a big deal but annoying.
  • If you used class-style JavaScript, it came over to C# pretty easily.  (Can’t same the same for VB though).
  • I was able to switch from Dynamic XAML to Data Templates (with a ListBox) very easily.
  • There are some font rendering changes as the old XAML that used to fit on the template now overlaps.  Had to do some editorial changes to accomodate the change.
  • There is a bug in ListBox that does not reset the position of the ListBox’s Scrollbar if the number of items changes (e.g. changed the ItemsSource).  Doing hacks like ScrollIntoView() doesn’t seem to fix it.  If you move it with the mouse it heals itself.

I’ve decided to release the code this time.  You can download it here: Source Code

Overall it was a fun little task.  Tomorrow I am going to port my SeeqPod player from Silverlight 1.1 to Silverlight 2 to see what can be learned there.