Enabling Scripted Windows and Clipboard Access in IE7

January 19, 2009
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Internet Explorer 7 can annoy me at times (I use FireFox and Chrome a lot too). One of the problems I have is the HTML editor I use on my site (not one that you would have access to) only works in IE currently. I’ve been putting off fixing this so for now when I author a blog-post I have to use IE.

One of the major annoyances with this is that two features force me to allow them everytime I need them (pretty much every blog post):

  • Scripted Windows (like Alert and Prompt)
  • Clipboard Access

I could have made my blog a “Trusted” site but that means that it opens up a new process every time I go to my blog and that is disruptive.  In fact I don’t want to fully trust it, just trust it with a couple of features.  In fact, I’d like these to work in any site I am on as I paste into messages quite a bit.

I twittered hoping that someone else would find the solution, but no one came to my rescue.  So I had to do some digging. Interestingly all the Google hits I found told me to make it Trusted but I didn’t think that was the solution. Interestingly I found it just where it was supposed to be: a Custom Security level in IE7’s Internet Options:

In the Custom Level screen, each of these items were individual items I could enable (instead of prompt which was the default):

Wahoo…one more annoying crushed.