The Web Workshop: Client-Side Dev Training

I am excited to announce that I’ve refactored (and renamed) my web-centric training course. The old “ASP.NET MVC/HTML/CSS Workshop” was just too long. It’s now called “The Web Workshop”.

This course is concentrating on client-development for the browser. The course will cover client-side development for HTML/JavaScript/CSS development including browser-based sites and mobile browser development. While the course will cover using ASP.NET MVC 3 for doing the server-side code, the focus of the course will be in the client development. This means most of the course will cover the new skills that web developers need including:

  • Learning JavaScript
  • Using jQuery (and associated plugins)
  • Design with HTML5 and CSS3
  • How to build pages for mobile browsers
  • Working with REST/JSON data

On the server, the course covers the crucial server-side skills:

  • Building Controllers and Views
  • Unit Testing in ASP.NET MVC
  • Exposing Data to JavaScript via ASP.NET MVC

We are holding the first class in Atlanta (GA) February 27-29th if you’re ready to learn how to build create HTML-based clients. There is an early-bird discount of $300 off the course if you sign up by January 30th.

NOTE: While the course could help you build Windows 8 Metro-style apps with JavaScript – it is not specifically covered in the course. We will have a Windows 8 Metro-style courses after the beta!

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