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Did Microsoft's Security Push Work?
Did Microsoft's Security Push Work?
November 26, 2002


Last February Bill Gates announced that he was halting development until every project could be reviewed for security and make sure every developer knew how to write secure code. In fact, a pretty great book came out of the process. So did it work?

Announced in a new Aberdeen Group report, it seems as Windows has lost its crown as the most insecure operating system. Can you guess who took their place? Linux. Does this mean that Linux is an insecure mess? Does it mean that Windows is hack-proof? No to both questions.

What I do think it means is that Microsoft has done an admirable job at securing their software. I recently installed .NET Server and I was amazed at the amount of surface area. Nothing (and I really mean nothing) was installed by default. Gone are the days of IIS, SMTP and file sharing being on by default. I think Bill’s gambled worked. Do you?