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Do You Really Want Privacy on the Internet?
Do You Really Want Privacy on the Internet?
January 21, 2003


Now that Verizon has been ordered to rat out their users to the RIAA, Internet privacy is over…but maybe for the better. Sure I loved the high-flying days of song swapping, but where is the line between privacy and intrusion.

When the headlines are about catching file sharing violations, many people are in an uproar. But several weeks ago when those same ISP’s gave up their user’s names who were surfing child porn sites…we all applauded.

I am not bright enough to know where the line should be drawn but I would rather give up sharing files anonymously and stop child pornography. Maybe Internet anonymity isn’t gone for good, but for now lets err on the side of caution instead of the side of freedom.

All replies welcome, especially any that include the phrase “slippery slope”. : )