Enjoying Code

June 8, 2003
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After seeing the story about Justin Frankel and his departure of Nullsoft, it got me thinking about code as self-expression.

I just spent the last week completing two projects. First, I re-architected and I recreated TypedDataSetGenerator so that I could extend it. I learned a couple things about how much I like to write code.

  • While it might not be ‘self-expression’, I sure do enjoy writing code.
  • .NET has made the experience even more enjoyable.

Don’t get me wrong, the days of C++/MFC/ATL/COM were a rollercoaster ride. Using ATL source code as the documentation was like flying without a parachute. In constrast, using .NET has made me appreciate what development can be with a wealth of documentation.

My only beef is that I do wish we could walk into the .NET code from time to time to understand what the heck is going on. Wonder who I need to cajole at MS to give us the .PDBs…