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Why is WinFS Using ObjectSpaces?
Why is WinFS Using ObjectSpaces?
November 22, 2003

In Luca Bolognese’s PDC presentationon ObjectSpaces, he stated in a diagram that you should use ADO.NET’s objects DataSets/DataReaders if *“You require maximum control/performance/functionality”*That seems to indicate that we should not use ObjectSpaces if performance, funcationality and control are a requirement.  If this is the case, it would seem that using ObjectSpaces in WinFS is very contrary.  WinFS has to be quick…not just fast…lightning fast.  We are talking about impatient users.

I think it is important that we get Mike Deem to respond to this in his Blog.  I am going to forward this to him and post it up on the newsgroups, but maybe I am missing something.