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January 24, 2004
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I like it when a “MS v. Some small guy” story works out.  Mike Rowe has given to microsoft, but in return he’s getting some great stuff.  Here’s what Microsoft is doing in return for the domain:

  • Agreed to help direct any traffic from to Rowe's new Web site (which he's currently working on) to make sure he doesn’t lose any business. The company will pay any out-of-pocket expenses related to this change, including cost associated with changing over to the new url and any other expenses. (The Rowe family is now calculating those expenses.)
  • Invited Mike and his family on to the Microsoft campus for the company's Microsoft Research Tech Fest in March. The company will pay for the travel and accommodations. No promises, but it's possible he could meet Bill Gates, depending on the Microsoft chairman's schedule, Desler said.
  • Agreed to pay for Mike to get [Microsoft Certification]( training. Depending on which courses he chooses, this could lead him to become a certified support technician, or system administrator, or something along those lines.
  • Agreed to give Mike a subscription to MSDN, the Microsoft Developer Network Web site, with various tools for developing software around Microsoft products.
  • Agreed to give Mike an Xbox game system, complete with a number of games of his choosing.