SQL 2000 Reporting Services

February 3, 2004
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I am very impressed with RS at the moment.  I looked briefly at this stuff a year ago when it was to be part of Yukon and liked what I saw a lot.  Now the Report interface is done via Visual Studio and it is very powerful.  My days of trudging through Crystal Reports or creating ad-hoc aspx pages may be over.  The feature I really like are:

  • Ability to use DataSets as data sources (as well as standard ODBC, OLEDB, and ADO.NET Managed Providers).
  • The ability to render to different formats (including HTML, PDF, image, Excel, etc.)
  • A rich sub-report system for indepth reporting.
  • Intuitive UI

While I am just toe deep into the RS pool, I will undoubtedly find wrinkles I don’t like.  But at first glance I am very impressed.