MetaBuilders ASP.NET Controls

June 17, 2004
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I just wanted to give a shout out to Andy Smith of MetaBuilders ASP.NET controls.  I regularly use his DialogWindow and FirstFocus controls.  He has a number of controls on his site that are just great, but I can only speak for those two.  My $0.02 review of them are:

  • DialogWindow:  This control is great in allowing a window to be opened and mimic a dialog window.  Until the pop-up window is closed, the user can’t play around with the main window.  Setting these up is very trivial.
  • FirstFocus:  This control allows you to specify a control that will get focus when a user opens a form.  This gets around my pet peeve around authors of websites that have forms forgetting to set the focus to the first control on a form.  With this control, you drop it on a form and just specify the name of the control and it just happens.

Great work Andy!