I think CSI is confusing America...

December 18, 2004
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Ok, this is *way* off topic, but I enjoy watching CSI and shows of their ilk.  But I have been getting further frustrated by the technology they purport to use.  It all came to a head the other day when they took a convinience store video and used “video enhancement” to see the reflection in one of the customer’s eyes.  Instead of Spike, CSI belongs on SciFi.

It’s bad enough when shows hack into computers with a nice pretty UI screen instead of some nasty command-line program or when they do a computerized fingerprint match in minutes instead of days, but now that are stretching the limits of credibility.  When my Mom knows it can’t be done…I can’t understand how the rest of America eats it up.

There is this new phenomenon called “The CSI” effect in courtrooms.  Juries are having to be educated about what is and not possible to do with foresic science.  Wow…just wow.