Enjoying Compact Framework Development

January 26, 2005
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I’ve been bitten by the Compact Framework bug.  I am doing an upcoming talk at the Atlanta Mobility Users group so I’ve been working on some SQL Server CE code.  But it wasn’t until I started to play with the SmartPhone SDK that I really fell in love.  I think the PocketPC form-factor is going the way of the calculator watch.  Having my PIM functions in a phone makes much more sense.  I truly love the form-factor of my Nokia 6800 with fold out keyboard, but for most of the apps I want, I have to use their clunky browser.  I started playing with the simplified UI of the SmartPhone SDK and I really like it.  In fact, I liked it so much I ordered a new phone; the Motorola MPx220.  I get it tomorrow, so i’ll post a review soon!