Fun night with Atlanta MDF

April 12, 2005
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Just got back from presenting at the Atlanta MDF User Group (SQL Server et al for those not in the know).  I had a blast talking about hte SQL Server 2005 CLR Integration.  The presentation is available at my site here.

One first theme came out of the night: “The CLR Integration is just another tool.  Please don’t push your business objects into the database…”

So to sum up what I said at the talk.  In my opinion, there are several sweet spots for CLR code to be used in the datbase:

  1. Stored Procedures/Functions where T-SQL falters; like string manipulation or computationally intensive code.
  2. Managed User Defined Types for small pieces of data that would be helped with behaviors (SqlMethods).
  3. Custom Aggregations: Writing your own MIN/MAX/COUNT.  This is huge IMHO.

I want to thank everyone who attended…