TableAdapters, DataAdapters and Migrated Typed DataSets

June 28, 2005
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In Visual Studio 2005, when you create a Typed DataSet, it automatically creates TableAdapters for you.  These are interesting objects that use a DataAdapter internally to make a more cohesive data access layer.  It will certainly help the RAD developers get started.  I am not so sure about how they will work long-term though.

One of the more interesting things that these new Typed DataSets do is store a link to connection information in the Typed DataSet.  These seems to be used for the TableAdapters to do their open’s with.  Problem seems to be that if you migrate a Typed DataSet from 1.1, there is no way to insert this connection information.  Even if you do, the designer in Beta 2 doesn’t allow you to attach TableAdapters to your existing Typed DataSet.  This means that if you want to use TableAdapters you will need to re-do your Typed DataSets entirely.

I just finished an article talking about about some of these migration issues.  I’ll post a link when it gets published.