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Is this what passes for marketing these days?
Is this what passes for marketing these days?
July 15, 2005


Palm announced their new logo today and told the press what the new logo “means”.  Here’s the logo:

And this is what they had to say about what it “means”:

“The new Palm says its updated logo reflects the brand equity from the former blue Palm circular medallion. The updated typeface is suggestive of digital content, the company said, and its orange background symbolizes energy.”

Almost every company I have been an employee has had this sort of marketing nonesense in their mission statement, rally cry or other propaganda.  Maybe I am the idiot who thinks its mostly bunk.

In other Palm news, it seems that they bought a company for $30 million for their NASDAQ symbol.  Palm used to trade under PLMO, but now they can trade under PALM.  Makes me wonder if there are any Ticker Symbol Squatters?