Moving Sucks...

September 2, 2005
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Trish and I decided to move into an old stomping grounds of mine inside Atlanta proper.  I always forget the nasty little things that can make a move feel like hell.  In this case, the AC in the new apartment was(is) broken.  I thought we could tough it out, but once the cats started to pant…I had to do something.

I usually say nasty, mean things about WalMart and how they’ve destroyed much of middle america’s small business…but in this case, there was no one else open.  So I left for an 1 1/2 trek to a 24-hour WalMart to buy an air conditioner.  They were surprisingly helpful, if not completely unknowledgable about their own products.  Two hours later (2:30am in my time zone) the bedroom is an ice box (like I like it) and the cats have been saved.

For someone who hates it so much, I seem to do it much more than necessary.  I really hope to stay in this new apartment for the next five years!