Apple is Learning Lessons from Real

September 13, 2005
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I installed the new version of iTunes recently and its amazing how many running services and background tasks Apple is installing:

  • Bonjour Service: a new network stack, not even marked as Apple
  • iPodService: I don’t have an iPod, so don’t make me run it?
  • iTunesHelper: Why do I need a helper when iTunes isn’t running?
  • QuickTime:  Huh?  I thought it was a music player…maybe music in the MTV view of music.
  • qttask:  Luckily my Annoying Process Killer is doing its job and killing this.

Please make it stop.  Guess I could just uninstall iTunes…I only use it to buy music, never to listen to it (I think its a crap player).  If only MSN would get a library their size. I haven’t tried with Vista yet, but I do hope that I get asked if an installer is installing anything into Run, RunOnce or into the SCM!  This is ridiculous…I can only imagine how many tasks are running on my mother’s system!