Unacceptable Response on a LadyBug

October 6, 2005
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I submitted a bug to Microsoft’s ASP.NET team that objects added to the Component Surface (right-click and pick “View Component Designer”) aren’t visibile to controls thereby breaking 1.1 data binding.  Here’s the response I got:  They closed it with:

*Thank you for submitting this issue. At this stage in the Whidbey product cycle, we’re taking very few changes into the product. We have evaluated this issue and will not be able to investigate it before release but we’ll reconsider it for the next version of the product at a future date. To help us better evaluate this issue, we would appreciate if you would send email to with the FDBK ID of this issue in the subject line so we can contact you later, if necessary. For more information, please refer to the announcement on the MSDN Product Feedback center at

Rich Ersek
The Web Platform & Tools Team*

I resorted 1.x Binding because the DataSource data binding does not work much with legacy controls, so this just breaks 1.1 sites.  That is just unacceptable.  It is unaccepable to not even try to reproduce the problem, especially since it is a real problem for people migrating 1.x projects.

I would guess that means they want us to just stop putting in bug reports.  I am disappointed…