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ObjectDataSources Don't Work with Typed DataSets
ObjectDataSources Don't Work with Typed DataSets
November 10, 2005


According to this post (this highlights my belief that MS is discouraging DataSets enough though they are using them everywhere (e.g. inside DataSources)). SInce Typed DataSets don’t work out of the box with ObjectDataSources, we are left with three uncomfortable solutions:

  • Ditch them and write Business Objects even in small apps
  • Use SqlDataSources and don’t allow NULL’s in any of our columns (see my previous rant).
  • Write a wrapper class around every DataTable (or perhaps in the partial class) to allow the Object DataSource to work with it.

The Partial Class solution may be easiest, but it is still some magical mix of parameters that will make it appear in the ObjectDataSource configuration dialog. I hope to have a better solution soon for this, but don’t count on it.