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XBox 360 Game Roundup
XBox 360 Game Roundup
January 11, 2006

I’ve had my 360 for a couple weeks now so I wanted to give out some mini-reviews of some of the games I’ve played so far:

Project Gotham Racing 3

Excellent racing game.  Not quite the racing sim that Forza was, but easy to pickup and play.

Pros:  I love the variety of tracks and cars.  Views from inside every car in game.  Nothing in the game that can’t do 170 MPH.  Best looking 360 game so far.

Cons: The ‘career’ is a bit short, but there is still lots to love.  Load times can be tedious.  Better looking but not as good as PGR2.

Result: A-

Need For Speed: Most Wanted

Another excellent racing game.  Story mode is interesting and engaging.

Pros: Getting rep by getting chased by the police is the reason to buy the game. Story keeps you playing. Cars very easy to handle.  Can drive around city and lots of variety of views.

Cons: Graphics good, but not great. Weather effects can cause it to be a bit choppy.  Dumbed-down tweaking of vehicles is silly.

Result: B

Perfect Dark Zero

Fun little shooter.  Story is interesting, but light.

**Pros: **Nice mix of weapons and gadgets.  Taking cover is fun in big shootouts.

**Cons: **Just another shooter. Stealth is half-baked.  Tutorial missions are not much of a tutorial as they are a controller introduction.

Result: B-

Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved

Great little old-school shooter.

**Pros: **Addictive.  Beautiful to look at.  Best price/fun ratio on the machine.

**Cons: **Doesn’t save machine high scores in between games.

Result: A


Interesting old-west shooter.  Engaging story.

Pros: Fun to ride horses and shoot up the old west. Great voice acting, especially Kris Kristopherson.

Cons: Direct port from PS2, which means graphics are mediocre at best. Problems with smoke and overall lighting making some missions almost impossible to complete.

Result: C-