HP Support Woes

January 17, 2006
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My HP laptop that I love so much came up gimpy yesterday.  The screen went kaput suddenly.  I looked back and luckily the one year warranty from HP is going to replace it.

I have to say a couple things here:

  1. I am sick of calling support (lots of companies do this) that they have outsourced to Asia (usually India) and the person on the other end claims to have a very North American name with a thick accent.  Do they really think I won’t know they moved jobs to New Delhi if the guy on the phone is named “Chris” or “Bob”?
  2. HP has been good to me before, but Compaq is my dreaded enemy for a bad support call (on a screen no less) 15 years ago.  Yes I am holding a grudge. When HP bought Compaq I wasn’t sure I could buy HP again, but I did.

The guy I talked to on support seemed sure he’d catch me telling him that I dropped my laptop out of a moving car or something:

  • “You sure you didn’t drop it?”
  • “No physical damage?”
  • “Is the screen cracked”
  • “You absolutely sure?”

Second, after owning lots of Dells I am amazed that laptop companies can take 2+ weeks to return a broken laptop.

So I am sending in my laptop tomorrow and hoping it gets fixed.  Back to my five year old Toshiba…but that’s another story…