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HP Support - Part 2
HP Support - Part 2
January 30, 2006

I finally got my laptop back from HP today and I have to say a couple of things about HP Support:

  • They delivered the laptop ahead of schedule (though that was almost 2 weeks).
  • They replaced my screen with an upgraded screen (was 1400x900 now 1650x1050).  My old was had a bad pixel, this one is bad-pixel-free.
  • Their status area for the laptop never told me when it was fixed only when it shipped, which I would have liked to see.
  • My last call to support to get an update on when the laptop would ship, I was told they didn’t know but they’d try to get an update soon…then promptly tried to sell me an extended warranty.  Maybe they should try and make the customer content about the warranty before they try and sell them an extension.

Overall, I have to give HP a marginal thumbs up for support.  It did take lots longer than other companies, but in general I am happy with the follow through I got.